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What Would Your Marketplace Health Insurance Cost Under the American Health Care Act?

Take our quiz for an estimate of your marketplace premium.
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Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office published its predictions of the effects of the American Health Care Act, the Obamacare replacement that has passed the House of Representatives and now sits in the Senate. If passed, the AHCA would deeply affect folks who depend on the individual marketplaces to buy health insurance.

How would the AHCA affect you, if you were to buy marketplace insurance? (That's the kind of health insurance you might get if your employer doesn't offer any, or if you work for a small company.) You can take our quiz below to find out.

We should note the estimates above are rough. The AHCA offers states much more flexibility in how they run their own marketplaces, which made it difficult for CBO analysts to predict exactly what would happen in different states. Instead, they offered predictions for a few broad categories of decisions states could make. Still, this quiz offers a good idea of how your premiums could change under the AHCA—up or down, a lot or a little.