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Asia's Changing Views on Animal Testing

According to a new report on animal research around the world, published by the National Academies Press, in a section on China:

Thirty years ago, there was essentially no concept of laboratory animal science in China. ... [Today there are] three legal milestones governing laboratory animal science in China: the 1988 Statue of Laboratory Animal Administration, the 2001 Regulation on the Management of Laboratory Animal License System, and the 2006 Guideline on Humane Treatment of Laboratory Animals.

Scientists in China have to come to realize that good animal welfare is necessary for good science … Regulatory practice has been influenced by an increasing number of Chinese scientists trained overseas who have returned to China with an understanding of the practices and protocols of other countries. Additional factors causing change in China’s regulatory practices include increased international academic collaboration and participation in international conferences where scientists share animal welfare information.

Another positive on quality of animal care and use in China is the presence of multinational pharmaceutical and contract research organizations.

The report, "International Animal Research Regulations: Impact on Neuroscience Research" includes a long section on lab animal welfare research in Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, and China.