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Facebook at One Billion: Too Big to Fail?

With Zuckerberg's Blob having now engulfed 10 figures worth of followers, it's well worth reading this fascinating analysis over at Buzzfeed on "What a Billion Facebook Users Means". Writes Matt Buchanan:

Facebook has spread itself across the web in a way that it underpins vast swaths of it, processing 2.7 billion Likes a day. Facebook is now officially integrated into nearly a quarter of the top 10,000 sites on the web by one count, and it's linked by nearly half of them....Ripping yourself away from Facebook is hard, and it's getting harder as it becomes more entrenched as a basic part of the web, and more insidiously, as a basic component of identity on the web. That's when you know Facebook has become something more than just another social service, uttered in the same breath as Twitter and Google Plus — that it's become a core piece of social infrastructure."