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Happy Birthday Fidel

Fidel Castro turns 86 today. From AP:

Communist Party newspaper Granma published memories of Castro from people familiar with him such as Cuban journalists and cohorts from the 1959 revolution. Government-run websites carried essays on his life and best wishes from presidents Evo Morales of Bolivia and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua.

The milestone was yet another reminder of both the Cuban leader’s longevity and his inevitable mortality. He survived in power for nearly 50 years despite numerous attempts on his life and periodic rumors of his passing

Ann Louise Bardach tells Pacific Standard that apparently Fidel has been glued to the Olympics for the last two weeks. “It’s perfectly in character, he’s always been fixated on winners—especially brutal long slogged out races.”  Look for our upcoming Castro family tree, by Bardach (author of Without Fidel and Cuba Confidential) detailing the procession of Castro's to come.