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In tandem with the news aggregator NewsTrust, is searching for the best journalism on psychology, especially the psychology of the culture wars, out there. Give us a hand.

In the universe that has staked out for its special brand of journalism that emphasizes both evidence and solutions, some stories have stood out as audience favorites. The piece we fondly refer to as "bamboo underwear" always comes first to mind — it was really about how climate change will affect clothing — but Matt Drudge picked it up and we were off to the races.

But undergarments aside, the material that routinely has the greatest resonance has always had a psychological component, from "Total Recall ... Or At Least the Gist" to our current league leader, "This Is Your Brain on Kafka,", with its immortal blurb: "Does absurdist literature make you smarter? Giraffe carpet cleaner, it does!"

So this week, from today through Sunday, we are joining forces with NewsTrust editors and readers to find good journalism about psychology — with a focus on how we make civic and political decisions. We're particularly interested in stories that address root causes behind America's political divide and culture wars, which is why we've re-energized Tom Jacobs' excellent piece on Jonathan Haidt, "Morals Authority," as a flagship example of what we're looking for.


After two years of answering the question of "What's a Miller-McCune?" we can anticipate a new query: "What's a NewsTrust?" In short, it's a high-quality news aggregator in which only the best and most honest journalism passes muster.

To spare me some typing, here's what NewsTrust says about itself:

"Our nonprofit news network promotes quality journalism, to help people make more informed decisions as citizens. We offer an integrated online service, including an information credibility filter, news literacy tools and a civic engagement network.

"The Web site features quality news and opinions, which are carefully rated by our members, based on quality, not just popularity. NewsTrust reviewers evaluate each story against core principles of journalism, such as fairness, accuracy, context and sourcing — using our unique review tools."

In that vein, we've vetted them and like what we've found. (And they've vetted us, too, since you ask.)

We're asking you to help us find quality news and opinions on this topic. The articles don't have to be from, and they should be current. We invite you to review (or post) some of the stories in the widget at right for journalistic quality. If you're new to NewsTrust, sign up to review on the site -- please enter through the Miller-McCune page! -- and help fight the spin.

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