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Making Waves Into Energy

Ireland is turning to the ocean in a bid to generate electricity.

Wave power prototypes have been installed in Galway Bay, with larger prototypes set for a nearby energy park, CNet reports.

"We have the best wave resources on the planet. We also have a maritime tradition. Understanding how things work at sea, or how they don't work at sea, is very important," Andrew Parish, CEO of Wavebob, one of the companies behind the technology, tells the Web site. "The common feeling is, wave (power) is where wind was 15 years ago."

The technology may also be reaching U.S. shores where proponents say it could supply 10 percent of U.S. electric needs. over the past couple of months has examined alternative energy's potential: Wind power, which counts former President George H.W. Bush as a supporter; solar energy and its many devices; and hydropower, which presents ample opportunities for expansion. And don't forget about nuclear.

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