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Meat: Bad for You, Good for Your Species

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Seems like barely a week goes by without some new study telling us yet again that eating lots of meat is bad for our health. But take heart, fellow carnivores! Turns out our appetite for animal flesh may have given the human race a major evolutionary advantage, according to findings by Swedish researchers published in the online journal PLoS One.

The team found that meat-eating human mamas were able to wean their babies at around two years, whereas vegetarian chimps suckle their spoiled offspring for at least twice that long. Since females typically don’t become pregnant while suckling, the shorter weaning time means human mothers can crank out babies faster than chimps, giving our team a competitive edge. The difference, the researchers conclude, is because a carnivorous diet makes a baby’s brain develop more quickly.

So go ahead, moms, order some extra bacon on that burger. Someone has to keep those chimpanzees in line, and it's not gonna be James Franco.