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Our New Look

Our little project to expand the number of offerings on the home page grew into an elegant new setting for the same great Miller-McCune stories.

Welcome to the new, or new-ish, look for To showcase more of our stories, and to make it easier for us to offer other types of multimedia presentations, we decided the "old" needed some sprucing up. And as Pandora discovered a few millennia ago, once we opened the box to make some minor changes lots of opportunities to fix or improve other aspects of the site tumbled out.

We liked our look before, but stories there had a very limited period for public viewing. The homepage isn't the only way to get to those stories, of course, but we felt that people sampling for the first time wouldn't have a feel for just how deep our coverage goes. Meanwhile those who frequented our site often missed good articles that whizzed by between visits leaving no obvious forwarding address.

We've made some other changes, some which make our lives as site administrators easier and others that point to hidden gems readers might have missed. One directional change is we've split our "Science and Environment" category into two separate areas, and we've renamed "Culture & Society" as "Culture" and are moving the education coverage that used to reside there into its own category, "Education."

And please be patient in the next few days as busily work out some bugs.

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