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Rocking the Subcontinent

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Zither what? Metallica meets Mumbai.


From "Bombay Death City," writer Michael Edison Hayden's dissection of the unlikely world of Indian speed metal:

Manoj, who plays in his own band and hopes to be a doctor one day, discovered Demonic Resurrection through YouTube. The video sharing site presents an easy way for this generation of teenagers to get deep into musical niches fairly quickly. For Manoj, that niche was death metal. “I’ve been into it for a little beyond two years,” he said. Manoj is a devout Hindu, and said that he’s not particularly disturbed by the Satanic references in the music because he sees it as being just for fun. In fact, he embraces it all—from Norwegian black metal to stripped-down death metal from the American Great Plains. But the connection Manoj made with Demonic Resurrection went far beyond music. “When I saw an Indian band doing this stuff—Indian guys,” he said, emphasising the word “Indian” more passionately each time. “I said wow. You know? An Indian band doing it—as well as anyone else.”

The estimable Caravan Magazine has the rest.