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Singing for Sanitation in Africa

Ecological sanitation may not be the most popular material for rock singers, but for one man in Mozambique, it is the most meaningful.

Afro-pop star Feliciano dos Santos hails from a remote village and attracts listeners with songs such as "Wash Your Hands":

Let’s wash our hands
Let’s wash our hands
For the children to stay healthy
For the uncles to stay healthy
For the mothers to stay healthy
We build latrines

Santos, profiled this week in an installment of PBS series Frontline World, also heads up the nonprofit group Estamos ("We Are"), which installs pumps to provide clean drinking water and "EcoSan" toilets to improve sanitation. The group has so far installed over 300 latrines. He is the 2008 recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize.

Minus the musical accompaniment, earlier this year chronicled the works of similar groups doing such work around the world:

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