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Angry Spanish Now Dancing in Bank Lobbies, Are Good At It

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Since last spring, a Seville-based performance group calling itself Flo6x8 has been sending trained dancers into the lobbies of bank branches across crisis-wracked Spain and disrupting business. The group first gained attention last May when it staged a pretty decent flamenco in a branch of Bankia, one of Spain's largest banks and the current target of corruption investigations. Bankia, which is broke, rose 24 percent yesterday on reports that it would receive a 30 billion Euro (US $36.9 billion) bailout from the EU's crisis lending body.

In the lyric, the singer is addressing the bank as an old friend from whom he now feels distant:

Your character and will

have changed a little my friend

Ay, since you got rich

I can't put up with you

and your new money ways.

Earlier this week, Flo6x8 hit a branch of La Caixa in Barcelona:

Flamenco is a southern Spanish tradition, so this time the dancers went for a livelier Catalan Rumba.The melody is traditional, taken from a song about a man who has gone missing after payday, called No Esta Muerto, Estaba Tomando Cañas ("He's Not Dead. He was Out Having a Few Beers.") The dancers in the Flo6x8 version replace the dead man with the crisis, and the beer with the bank:

Aqui no hay crisis, no no.  

Aqui lo que hay es mucha jeta.

There's no crisis here, no no.

What's they have here is a lot of nerve.