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The Feminine Tweet-stique

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Men are from Mars, women from Venus, and the Twitter feeds they send back to Earth prove it. A new study of the tweets of 14,000 people by researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Stanford University found that men and women tend to use language differently, even in 140-character bursts.

As Fast Company's Kyle Vanhemert reports, the researchers determined that women's tweets "include a relatively large number of emotion-related terms like sad, love, glad, sick, proud, happy, scared, annoyed, excited, and jealous." They also use more emoticons, and what the researchers call "computer mediated communication terms" like "lol" and "omg", as well as "ellipses, expressive lengthening (e.g., coooooool), exclamation marks, question marks, and backchannel sounds like ah, hmmm, ugh, and grr."

Men, on the other hand are prone to terms associated with technology and sports, and the words "bro", "bruh", and "brotha." Also, lots of swearing. Fuckin' men.