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Our Best Education Stories of 2018

Our best reporting on education inequality—and those working to remedy it.
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It has been an intense year for the American education system, starting with a nationwide fight for higher pay and benefits. Many of the teachers protesting this spring taught in states where conservative lawmakers cut funding for public schools, while charter enrollment continues to rise. Meanwhile, the Trump administration forged ahead on controversial federal policies, including the reversal of affirmative action, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' new guidelines protecting students accused of sexual assault on college campuses, and a possible rollback of school discipline rules.

However, some of the biggest education stories of the year took place at the local level: Voters weighed in on voucher programs in mid-term ballot measures, educators went on strike across the country, and the "Me Too" movement came to higher education. Pacific Standard's education reporting told these stories and more, following frustrated parents, small-town principals, student activists, and a trail of taxpayer and corporate money.

Below, our best reporting on education inequality this year—and those working tirelessly to remedy it.