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Survive and Thrive: How Big Data Is Transforming Health Care, Part II

Inside the promising marriage between data and health care: How health quantification could alleviate Parkinson's symptoms and improve the lives of Type 1 diabetics.

This is a three-part comic series produced by Symbolia. Click here to see part I, and check back Monday, February 9, for the next installment.

Last week, we met Rutgers University Ph.D. student Maria Qadri, who explains the huge potential benefits of health quantification—the measurement of data from the body. Below, learn about her research that creates a sort of GPS for microelectrodes in deep brain stimulation, a treatment for Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

We also glimpse a day in the life of a Type 1 diabetic, who must perform daily maintenance using current open-loop technology; this technology can only gather data, but it is not sophisticated enough to analyze and act on the data. Instead, diabetics must remain vigilant and intervene many times a day to manage their insulin and glucose levels.

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