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Wildfires in California have destroyed thousands of acres in recent weeks, claiming at least eight lives in the process. On Monday, the state's Mendocino Complex Fire became the largest in state history. But it's not just California that's burning; infernos rage across the rest of the West as well.

A total of 107 active large fires are burning 1.6 million acres in 14 states, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. Here's what you need to know about the other major wildfires in the country right now.


In Idaho, two large fires have consumed thousands of acres this week. The Sharps Fire, outside Bellevue, is 60 percent contained at nearly 65,000 acres. The Mesa Fire, outside Council, has scorched more than 33,000 acres and is 55 percent contained. Both are expected to burn through this week.


Oregon is battling 15 fires. The worst include the Miles Fire, which, together with other nearby blazes, has burned a collective 40,288 acres; the Taylor Creek Fire, at more than 41,000 acres and 38 percent containment; and the Klondike Fire, now burning across at least 33,000 acres in the Siskiyou National Forest and only 15 percent contained.

The Willamette Week reports that at least 185,000 acres are on fire across Oregon right now; that's about as much acreage as burned in the state in all of 2016. Already, the state has had 639 fires this year, according to the Oregon Department of Forestry. Meanwhile, smoke from these blazes—and the added onslaught from California's fires—is expected to move up to Portland, threatening air quality.


Fire agencies in Nevada are currently reporting five large fires. That includes the Goose Creek Fire, which was mostly contained by Wednesday. Earlier this month, it combined with a nearby blaze to burn more than 130,000 acres.


Several fires are nearing containment in the southern part of Washington, including the Long Hollow Fire, at 33,451 acres, and the South Valley Fire, at 20,026. Still, the National Interagency Fire Center says the state is reporting seven large fires.


With 13 active fires, Colorado is now facing smaller blazes in its remote Western region, including the Bull Draw Fire, which has grown to nearly 8,000 acres in just one day. Authorities say the fires are likely to intensify with this week's hot and dry weather, the Denver Post reports.