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January/February 2016

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Sister Act

In every issue, we fix our gaze on an everyday photograph and chase down facts about details in the frame.


My Very Human Errors With My Very Human Disease

The reality of a life with diabetes is much more than a matter of malfunctioning bodily organs.


The Danger of Impartial Reporting

Conclusions we come up with ourselves lodge themselves more firmly in our minds—even if they're wrong.


Silicon Valley Outsiders

Our focus on C-suite executives and venture capital-funded unicorns distracts from the underclass that keeps the San Francisco Bay Area running.


The Power of Persistence

If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again.


The People Behind Our Latest Print Issue

More on Jeneen Interlandi, Christopher Leaman, Francie Diep, Joe Eaton, Maya Dusenbery—and how they reported their latest Pacific Standard stories.


Preview: The 30 Top Thinkers Under 30

A preview of the next print issue of Pacific Standard.


Eyes on the River

Virtually navigating our waterways sounds like a good time to outdoor enthusiasts, but it could also help policymakers monitor a critical natural resource.


Domestic Overlords

The 250-year precedent for deploying the United States military to police the nation's citizenry.


Research Gone Wild: Party Hard

Are Millennials really partying less often than their parents used to?


Is the Stock Market Sexist?

Inherent market bias is one of the factors keeping women off corporate boards—until someone has to take the fall. Welcome to the Glass Cliff.


The Links Between Sugar and Heart Disease

The scientific evidence for whether eating too much sugar causes Type 2 diabetes and other diseases.


The Gowanus Canal's Beacon of Hope

New York University roboticists are betting that a tiny aquatic machine will inspire the community to care about Brooklyn's neglected Superfund site.


Big Tobacco vs. Big Sugar

Key parallels and important distinctions.


The Influential Druid

David Brower has slipped into semi-obscurity over the years, but he deserves a place in the pantheon of environmental heroes.


Welcome to the Glass Cliff

An early look at a Pacific Standard story that's currently only available to subscribers.


Shelf Help: 'Hood'

The history of hooding has two intertwined strands: forced and voluntary.