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July/August 2015

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Who Funded That? The Names and Numbers Behind the Research in Our Latest Issue

This list includes studies cited in our pages that received funding from a source other than the researchers’ home institutions. Only principal or corresponding authors are listed.


Contributors: Meet Some of the People Behind Our Latest Print Issue

More on Daniel Engber, Erika Hayasaki, Alissa Quart, Gabriel Kahn, and Adam Tanner—and how they reported their latest Pacific Standard stories.


Social Networking: Letters and Other Responses to Our Last Print Issue

Join the conversation by writing If you would like us to consider your letter—which will be edited—for publication, please include your name, city, and state.


Featherweight Champions: The Annual World Chicken Festival in Kentucky

In every issue, we fix our gaze on an everyday photograph and chase down facts about details in the frame.


Stress and the Superwoman

The incredible power of multi-role supermoms.


Shelf Help: 'The Wrong Hands'

The aura of deviance around mayhem manuals.


Since We Last Spoke: Bears, Oh My

Updates to past Pacific Standard print stories.


Since We Last Spoke: Sex Traffic Jam

Updates to past Pacific Standard print stories.


It Gets Better, Except...

All of that bullying is leaving a lasting impression.


Working Past Retirement

The latest entry in a series of interviews about subculture in America.


Shelf Help: 'Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men'

Is it possible that, for white men, sex with other men can function as the ultimate re-affirmation of straightness and privilege?


The Will to Lose

The unsung glory of coming in last.


Professor, Can You Spare a Dime?

Adjuncts on the edge resort to helping each other.


The Hatred of Sound

The clank of silverware, the sound of chewing, and other forms of torture. The trouble with misophonia.


The Connection Between Coal and Politics in Wyoming

In Wyoming, where Philip Anschutz is currently building the largest wind farm in the world, coal, which is cheap and plentiful, is the answer to just about everything.


We Know What's in Your Medicine Cabinet

Even our most personal health conditions are part of a vast but hidden market for our medical data. Don't we deserve to know about it?


Who's Reading Your Medical Data?

An early look at a Pacific Standard story that's currently only available to subscribers.


Empathy for the Rest of Us

Why we cringe for our fellow humans, and why it's so important.


This Doctor Knows Exactly How You Feel

A rare condition causes Joel Salinas to experience other people's emotions and sensations. Is mirror-touch synesthesia a superpower or a curse?