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May/Jun 2013


How Gallium Nitride Could Help Power the World

One engineer's effort to cut electrical waste at the wall.


There's a Name for That: Pluralistic Ignorance

Ever found yourself at odds with what you thought was the majority opinion? There's a name for that.


The Alhambra Source and the Role of Sociology in Journalism

Can a sociologist and a journalist get an ethnically fractured city engaged?


The Shoppers of Babel: Inside the Largest Duty-Free Shop on Earth

Inside the most lucrative and perhaps most sophisticated duty-free shop on Earth.


Why Focusing on Exports Doesn't Make Economic Sense

Promoting exports as a means to rebuild America’s middle class is a lovely vision, but the U.S. needs to do more than that to improve business.


What Does It Take for Traumatized Kids to Thrive?

About a decade ago, Washington State embarked on an early social experiment to educate people about the impacts of stress on children. The results are starting to show.


Gun Medicine: California's Armed Prohibited Persons System

Why we should be treating gun violence as a disease—and why most states can't.


Conference Call: What’s Happening in May and June—and Why It Matters

From the HackMiami 2013 Hackers Conference to On Walking, academic gatherings you should be aware of.


Datebook: What's Happening in May and June—and Why It Matters

From the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition to the murder trial of George Zimmerman, events you should be aware of.


Pound Foolish

The causes and consequences of obesity are settled science, right? Wrong.

Hoarder_final copy

The Surprising Science Behind Hoarding

Most of us have a friend, a relative, or a neighbor who seems to pack his or her home with unnecessary stuff. Researchers are just beginning to understand why.


Forget the Maps: Why All the Data in the World Won't Make You a Better Traveler

Travel writer Paul Theroux on why planning your trip can be a lesson in frustration.


Book Review: Neuro and One Nation Under Stress

What kind of worldview is lurking in all the chatter about neuroscience?


Contributors: Writers for the May/June 2013 Issue of Pacific Standard

Meet some of the people behind the May/June 2013 issue of Pacific Standard.


How the Trailer Park Could Save Us All

A healthy, inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution for housing millions of retiring baby boomers is staring us in the face. We just know it by a dirty name.


Why Is the South in Love With Brad Paisley?

If the South is really such a backward place, why is it so in love with Brad Paisley?