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Nov/Dec 2012

The Big One

Our look at the little things in life that loom large.


INFOGRAPHIC: A Whole New Ballpark

How Los Angeles can beat the odds and make money off its stadium.


Good Night, Vietnam

Why this Emory prof is studying the sleeping habits of villagers halfway around the world


Corridors of the Mind

Could neuroscientists be the next great architects?


Mouse-Infest Destiny

Most of our homes are soaked in mouse urine. It’s at the core of our asthma epidemic—but it helps rodents stay connected.


False Clarity, Authentic Confusion

An American strategist's broadside pales beside a stunning account of how ordinary Chinese grapple with the enigma of their own country.

Optimistic Robot

The Love Bot

The danger of falling for a machine that’s just not that into you


The Death Penalty Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

How legal wrangling over the chemicals used in lethal injection could shut down capital punishment.


The Least Interesting Man in the World

Created as a figure with no personality, James Bond has survived half a century because of what we keep throwing at him—and projecting onto him.


Speak, Memory

How the science of recall is finally helping us to learn other languages.

Minolta DSC

The Music Man

Steven Angel uses drumming to teach literacy. Across L.A., juvenile-detention centers, schools, and libraries have fallen in love with his program. But scientists say there’s no reason to believe it should work.

This picture taken on June 9, 2012 shows

A Giant Leap Forward

Forced to go it alone into space, China has reaped the benefits of building an aerospace industry from the ground up. Now that the future of America's program looks most uncertain, China may be poised to slingshot ahead.

Waiting in the Wings

INFOGRAPHIC: The loyal leaders who could be the next to rule Cuba

Fidel Castro - Dynasty

We'll Always Have Fidel

Over the last five years, the Castro Brothers have carefully groomed a cadre of would-be successors. Veteran Cuba watcher Ann Louise Bardach explains why, even after El Comandante is dead, El Comandante will live a long time.