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Nov/Dec 2013


Shelf Help: Book Reviews in 100 Words or Less

What you need to know about The Naked Society, Thank You for Your Service, and Do Muslim Women Need Saving?


Fan Fiction: The Next Great Literature?

At its best, fan fiction blurs the lines between reading and writing and consuming and creating, and makes pop culture speak to a greater range of experiences.


Quick Study: Shop. Feel Bad. Shop More. Feel Better!

Embarrassed consumers tend to spend more money on "appearance-enhancing items," according to new research.


In the Picture: RVs, Meth Labs, Cloud Names, and Destiny's Child

In every issue, we fix our gaze on an everyday photograph and chase down facts about details in the frame.


A Ghost Town's Second Life as a Climate Refuge for Rodents

Why are ground squirrels thriving in the former gold mining town of Bodie, California?


Rise of the Robot Artist

Everyone knows computers are good at processing information and humans are good at creativity. What if it's the other way around?


To Protect Battered Women, You Have to Protect Their Pets

Only three percent of shelters nationwide can accommodate domestic animals, and many people refuse to leave them behind.


The Most Senseless Environmental Crime of the 20th Century

Fifty years ago 180,000 whales disappeared from the oceans without a trace, and researchers are still trying to make sense of why. Inside the most irrational environmental crime of the century.


Quick Study: More Psychiatrists = More Suicides?

Does having a better mental-health system lead to higher suicide rates?


Bike Lanes in Gomorrah: A Hedonistic Case for Virtuous Urbanism

Armed with happiness studies, a new book makes a hedonistic case for virtuous urbanism.


Death at the Summit: How the Feds Killed a Market Oracle

As CEO of Intrade, John Delaney harnessed the wisdom of the crowds, with often freakishly prescient results. Technocratic dreamers were ecstatic about the company's ability to predict the future, and maybe even reshape society. Today Delaney's company has collapsed and his body is entombed atop Mount Everest. A tale of bravado, bluster, and efficient markets.


How Much Is Enough Certainty to Make a Decision About Life or Death?

How much is enough certainty to make a decision about life or death, sickness or health?


Five Studies: Your Privacy Settings Make No Sense

Recent and ongoing research on our privacy paradoxes.

A D.C. outsider, Duncan Black set out to change the national debate on Social Security.

How a Blogger Made Expanding Social Security a Respectable Idea

Thanks to decades of stagnant wages and the Great Recession, more than half of American working-class households are at risk of being unable to sustain their standard of living past retirement. Duncan Black is trying to change that.

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover LIVE

The Prophet: Meet Dave Ramsey, America's Personal Finance Guru

Meet Dave Ramsey, the most important personal finance guru in America. Millions of people follow his biblically inspired advice. It goes like this: 1. Purge yourself of debt; 2. Live on cash; 3. Pretend economic trends don't affect you; 4. Blame yourself when they do.


Conference Call: What’s Happening in November and December

From Perspectives on Progress to 3-D Printing: Destiny, Doom, or Dream?, academic gatherings you should be aware of.


Datebook: What’s Happening in November and December—and Why It Matters

From the Supreme Court-mandated date for California to relieve prison overcrowding to the New York City Marathon, events you should be aware of.


Who Funded That? The Names Behind the Research in Pacific Standard

The names and numbers behind the research in the November/December 2013 issue of Pacific Standard.