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Issue #60: November 2017


A child in bed at LMPE Marrakech.

The Abandoned Children of Morocco

In Morocco, illegitimate children have no papers, no last name, and are vulnerable to trafficking, but some devoted caregivers have found a way to give them a better life.

An illustration of Austin Serb.

King of Boise

The life and times of a teenage Oxycodone dealer.


The Theft of the Gods

On the trail of looters and crooks who traffic in Hopi ceremonial objects.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 4.50.02 PM

Underwear of Uncertain Origin

On the strange afterlife of the goods we return to the store.


Arms Dealers

When eight heads arrived at a shipping warehouse in Detroit, the feds uncovered some unsavory details about the little-known trade in human remains.


The End of Ownership

Video gamers have discovered a new and scary loophole in the laws of ownership—and the upshot is that a lot of your digital property might not technically be yours.

A Pakistani migrant looks out of his shop set-up at "the Jungle" in the French port city of Calais.

Odd Jobs: The Informal Economies Sustaining Large Parts of the Global Workforce

How a 50-acre migrant camp known as "the Jungle" mirrors the reality of commerce in liminal zones and borderlands the world over.

Culture Pages


Objects That Matter: The Knockoff-Inspired Designer Good

Awareness that a brand is widely counterfeited can make shoppers more willing to pay for the real thing, a 2012 study found.