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The Long Road to Equality

Long-haul truck driving is thriving in the United States, and remains one of the surest ways into the middle class, but minorities say discrimination is rampant.


The Coyote Whisperer

As more and more coyotes move into San Francisco's urban core, one woman is bent on teaching the city how to peacefully co-exist with the animals.


Justice, Interrupted

Some Colombian paramilitary leaders accused of brutal human rights violations will not face justice—or their victims' families—until they've served sentences for American drug charges.


The Last of the California Quail

Why San Francisco, a city known for its innovative thinking and environmental leadership, has been unable to save its official bird.


Eyes on the River

Virtually navigating our waterways sounds like a good time to outdoor enthusiasts, but it could also help policymakers monitor a critical natural resource.


The Gowanus Canal's Beacon of Hope

New York University roboticists are betting that a tiny aquatic machine will inspire the community to care about Brooklyn's neglected Superfund site.


You Are Now Under the Influence

At a police academy, future officers learn to test drivers' intoxication levels by testing the legal limit themselves.


The Radioactive Remedy

Each year, hundreds of desperate patients seek relief from extreme pain in Montana’s retired uranium mines.


Journalism's New Reality

Immersive journalism uses virtual reality to insert viewers directly into the story—potentially revolutionizing how reporters and activists do their work.


The Cow Tipping Point

Is America ready for a post-cow economy? What boutique farms—and petri dishes—mean for the future of agriculture.


The Perfect Swarm

How the epic quest to find protein revealed a surprising link between climate change and obesity.


The Guidebook for 21st-Century Police Work

Can a former police officer effect greater reforms from outside the force?


The Nazi Ghosthunters

With few direct witnesses to Nazi atrocities left alive, some Germans are chasing ghosts. Literally.


Single Man Seeking Baby

For a growing group of straight men, fertility clinics and gestational carriers are providing life after 40.


The Kids in the Yard

Precious Lamb Preschool serves an especially vulnerable group: homeless children between the ages of two and six.


Punished for Being Poor

Defendants who can't make bail, regardless of their crime, are four times more likely to be sentenced to time in prison. So much for innocent until proven guilty.


The Will to Lose

The unsung glory of coming in last.


Professor, Can You Spare a Dime?

Adjuncts on the edge resort to helping each other.


The Hatred of Sound

The clank of silverware, the sound of chewing, and other forms of torture. The trouble with misophonia.


Biting the Hand That Feeds You

A bedbug researcher bleeds for science.


The Signs of Music

A deaf theater company sings out.


There's Beauty in the Jones for More

Fretting over your options is part of a life well lived.


Tuna Helper: How a Fish Statistician Got Famous and Changed a Country's Mind

Toshio Katsukawa is working to get the Japanese to eat only fish whose populations aren’t endangered.



For Central American migrants, the promise of work in the fields of California has dried up.