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'Pacific Standard,' March/April 2016

The bright young minds working to build a better future; how a solider haunted by war plotted his own demise; and the end of solitary confinement.


'Pacific Standard,' January/February 2016

How to scam Medicare in four easy steps; the political power of a negative campaign; eight beers deep with America's finest; treating the mentally ill before it's too late; the little pink pill that sparked a feminist war; and desperate patients seeking relief in retired uranium mines. Plus: Is the stock market sexist?


'Pacific Standard,' November/December 2015

The future of work issue: World-famous scientists, CEOs, academics, and journalists on what to fear—and what to celebrate—in the new labor economy. Plus: Confessions of a for-profit college inspector.


'Pacific Standard,' September/October 2015

Inside the reclusive and controversial religious sect known as the Twelve Tribes; one forensic psychiatrist's self-funded effort to evaluate depraved crimes; how to convince teens to raise money for charity; improving life for aging populations; and one man's quest for the perpetual, elusive quarry of environmentalists: a message that gets people to care. Plus: Five studies on IUDs.


'Pacific Standard,' July/August 2015

The end of weird news; who's reading your medical data; the most empathetic doctor in the world; and an unlikely environmental hero. Plus: Five studies about transgenderism.


'Pacific Standard,' May/June 2015

Reform of the nerds—starring Arthur Chu; the 30 top young thinkers; American judges are playing doctor—and doing harm; and getting paid what you're worth. Plus: Five studies about human trafficking.

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'Pacific Standard,' March/April 2015

This is what's breaking the drug war, from our prison to your dinner table, home sweet shipping container, and the man who wants to save your marriage. Plus: Five studies about race and inequality.