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Cigarette Ads Unfiltered

Presenting 10 cigarette commercials from TV's 'golden era' featuring recognizable faces and truly astounding health claims.

What were they thinking? Read Matt Smith's Miller-McCune.comexploration of UCSF's Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. The constantly expanding archive holds 40 million pages of secret corporate memos, privileged legal communications and other documents obtained through discovery processes from a decade of successful lawsuits alleging that the industry had lied about tobacco's health effects. The documents demonstrate how the industry pioneered modern techniques for manipulating politics, scientific research and public opinion. As a result, the library is something of a Rosetta Stone that reaches beyond the tobacco industry to assist anyone seeking to decipher how business, politics and media function.

Relax, unwind and enjoy!

1. Desi Arnaz loved Lucy — and Phillip Morris:

2. "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette...":

3. A study shows only Chesterfields have no bad health effects!

4. Meet the Flintstones, and their favorite brand, Winston:

5. Danny Thomas sings the praises of Pall Mall on "Make Room for Daddy":

6. An upbeat spot touting the virtues of Salem:

7. The taste of Kent is lauded in this animated ad with a catchy tune:

8. Men of America say that king-size Chesterfields have "the length they like":

9. Penguins are more Kool:

10. Fred Flintstone pays a visit to Bedrock's cigarette shop: