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Conservatives Say Yes to Cannabis

Is there anybody still opposed to legalizing marijuana?


It's getting harder and harder to find people who are against legalizing marijuana, even in the reddest of states. As Washington and Colorado gear up for voter-approved full legalization in the coming months, a recent ACLU poll finds that a majority of voters in Louisiana similarly favor taxing and regulating the weed industry. That's a head-turning figure, considering it comes from the state that leads the nation in locking up its residents. Louisiana's chart-topping incarceration rate is due in no small part to its exceptionally tough drug sentencing laws.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, another reliably red redoubt, told an interviewer last week that "maybe we should legalize" pot. After all, a poll of his state's voters also shows a majority in favor.

Republican voters and GOP stalwarts coming out in favor of letting folks get high? What's next? A police officer helping stoners light up a gigantic joint?