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Florida State Senator Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Florida State Senator Jack Latvala (R) resigned on Wednesday after an investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct allegedly turned up credible evidence.

Latvala's alleged behavior was the subject of an investigation spearheaded by former judge Ronald Swanson, who was looking into a formal complaint by an aide to Senate Majority Leader Wilton Simpson (R), Rachel Perrin Rogers. In the complaint, Perrin Rogers claimed Latvala inappropriately touched her on several occasions, including once in an elevator in the state capitol.

The Associated Press reports that Latvala, a candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial election, said in a letter addressed to Senate President Joe Negron (R) that he would resign January 5th, even though he maintains his innocence against the accusations. In the letter, Latvala scolded his colleagues in the Florida senate, claiming they decided his fate before his was able to defend himself against the accusations.

"I have had enough. If this is the process our Party and Senate leadership desires, than I have no interest in continuing to serve with you,” Latvala wrote.

Latvala has been accused by several women, including senate staff and lobbyists, of inappropriate touching and making suggestive remarks. Other women claimed Latvala hinted that he would trade his support of legislation for sexual favors.

Latvala's resignation came just hours after Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) and Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) called on him to step down.