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Introducing the ‘Pacific Standard’ Re-Design

We’ve got a new office and a new look, both in print and online. As we prepare to increase our coverage of—and investigative reporting on—stories that matter, take a look behind the scenes at what Pacific Standard is all about.


The Pacific Standard offices in Santa Barbara, California. (Photo: Bryan Anton)

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The result is an all-new reader experience: a distinctive and compelling combination of stories that matter with visuals that beckon. We’ve fine-tuned your favorite niches, created several new sections and departments, expanded the number of pages reserved for top-shelf longform features, and introduced interviews and photo essays into the mix. You’ll find the first of these — a wide-ranging conversation with Ralph Nader, and a photo essay tracing the work of a ship in the Aegean Sea rescuing refugees fleeing dictatorships, famine, and civil war — in our July/August 2016 issue, on newsstands now.

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