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Officials Say James Comey Asked the DOJ for More Funding for Russia Investigation; DOJ Denies Claim

James Comey.

James Comey.

In a meeting last week with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein, former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey requested more resources from the Department of Justice (DOJ) for his investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, the New York Times reports, citing three officials. Rosenstein later wrote a memo criticizing the director's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, which President Donald Trump used to justify Comey's sudden dismissal yesterday.

After the Times story broke, a DOJ spokeswoman denied the claim that Comey made any such request.

Members of Congress from across the aisle were troubled by the timing of Comey's dismissal, and have called for a special congressional committee to pick up the investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election.