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This Map Shows the Scope of America's School Shooting Problem

Monday's shooting in Ohio is only the latest extreme incident in an already violent year.
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On Monday, a gunman opened fire in the lunchroom of the Madison Jr./Sr. High School, in Butler County, Ohio, injuring four before being apprehended by police.*

Fourteen-year-old James Austin Hancock has been charged in the shooting. On Tuesday, his attorney filed a denial of charges against the teenager.

School shootings have become a tragically common occurrence in the United States. The map below uses data from the non-profit Everytown for Gun Safety to show the wide scope of America's school shooting problem:

Keep in mind, this data only stretches back to 2013; a map using data before then would be far more cluttered.

Monday's shooting is just the latest incident in what looks to be yet another violent year. Here's a map of mass shootings (officially defined as any instance in which four or more people are shot, including the gunman) in just 2016 alone:

Thankfully, no one was killed in this latest incident; unfortunately, that's not always the case.


*Update — March 2, 2016: This article originally misidentified the state in which the shooting took place.