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Neil Gorsuch to Be Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch has enough votes to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, CNN reports, after Senate Republicans voted yesterday to change the body’s rules and end the Democrats’ filibuster with only 51 votes.

Gorsuch, an ideological analog of the late Justice Antonia Scalia, restores the court to nine justices. Gorsuch’s past pro-corporate judgments were cause for concern for Democrats, as were allegedly sexist remarks he made while a professor at the University of Colorado Law School about women taking advantage of maternity leave.

“I hope Judge Gorsuch has listened to our debate here in the Senate, particularly about our concerns about the Supreme Court increasingly drifting towards becoming a more pro-corporate court that favors employers, corporations and special interests over working Americans,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, according to CNN.