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New York Governor Signs Executive Order to Keep Net Neutrality Rules

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-New York) signed an executive order on Wednesday defending net neutrality in New York state. Cuomo's action follows a similar executive order in Montana, signed by Governor Steve Bullock (D) on Monday.

The executive order requires Internet service providers to avoid charging different rates for higher loading speeds or blocking access to specific websites in order to be eligible for government contracts. "The FCC's dangerous ruling goes against the core values of our democracy, and New York will do everything in our power to protect net neutrality and the free exchange of ideas," Cuomo tweeted after the signing.

The New York and Montana orders are a response to the Federal Communications Commission's decision last month to repeal net neutrality laws put in place by the Obama administration. Additionally, last week, 22 state attorneys general filed a federal lawsuit against the FCC challenging the repeal.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has repeatedly defended the unpopular repeal as a remedy of government overreach.