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‘Pacific Standard,’ July/August 2016

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Pacific Standard, July/August 2016. (Photo: Christopher Leaman)

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Since We Last Spoke: The Sex Offender Kids Are All Right
By Kate Wheeling

Since We Last Spoke: Defense, Still Resting
By Julie Morse

Since We Last Spoke: Talking Politics
By Elena Gooray

The Small Stuff: There’s a Name for That: Willpower Paradox
By Peter C. Baker

The Small Stuff: Quick Study: When Outsourcing Turns Deadly
By Tom Jacobs

The Small Stuff: Research Gone Wild: Every Eat-This-to-Lose-Weight Study Ever
By Francie Diep

The Small Stuff: Overheard

The Small Stuff: Quick Study: Stand Your Ground, Raise Your Crime Rate?
By Tom Jacobs

Know It All: The New and Complex Face of Evangelical Christianity in American Politics
With some megachurches accepting gays, and Millennials spreading the gospel in increasing numbers, it’s time for a fresh look at what it means to be evangelical in America
By Laura Turner

Subculture: End-of-Life Doulas
Deanna Cochran, 55, Austin, Texas
By Elena Gooray

In the Picture: On the Couch
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn


Agbogbloshie, Ghana
Photo by Benjamin Lowy

The Hungarian Candidate
By Jeneen Interlandi

A Pause in the Protest
By Mateo Hoke

Cancun, Mexico
Photo by Jason deCaires Taylor

Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Photo by Andy Yeung

The Hip-Hop Professor
By Tony Rehagen


Can Science Save Development Aid?
Randomized controlled trials are the popular centerpiece of an emerging data-driven approach to figuring out precisely the best way to end poverty. Can a return to the scientific method fix the global aid industry?
By Jacob Kushner

Sidebar: Running a Randomized Controlled Trial

Not Just a Deadbeat Dad
Eight states across the country are piloting a model of child support enforcement that relies, for the first time ever, more on carrots than on sticks. And it’s working better than anything we’ve seen before.
By Dwyer Gunn

Sidebar: Wisconsin’s Grand Child Support Experiment
Here’s what happened when one state let welfare recipients keep their child support payments.
By Dwyer Gunn


Culture Feature: Survival Tales From the Ex-Gay Movement
Two memoirs underline the emotional and moral dangers of ex-gay conversation therapy.
By Ross Ufberg


A version of this story first appeared in the July/August 2016 issue of Pacific Standard.

Pacific Standard Picks: Life, Animated
By Alissa Wilkinson

Guest Programmer: Joelle Dobrow

Scenes: Inside Cambodia’s Future Floating Arts Center
An ambitious attempt to elevate Phnom Penh’s arts scene.
By Dara Bramson

Book Review: White Capital, Black Labor
The racial hierarchy of American industry was built on the ruins of slavery. A new book on the history of black workers shows how far we have—and haven’t—come.
By Malcolm Harris

Shelf Help: The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism
By Peter C. Baker

Scenes: A Literary Festival in the Shadow of Genocide
Can a polite little arts event help re-unify Sri Lankan culture?
By Melissa Petro

Shelf Help: Killing the Competition: Economic Inequality and Homicide
By Peter C. Baker

One Last Thing: The Prison Tattoo
By Ted Scheinman