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‘Pacific Standard,’ March/April 2017

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Pacific Standard, March/April 2017. (Illustration: Taylor Le)


The Mexican American Dream
Despite the rhetoric and hate crimes, Mexican immigrants are poised to reframe American culture, if white people would only let them.
By Sarah Menkedick; Photography by Terence Patrick
Read the Spanish translation of the story here.

A New Normal
An electrical implant known as a deep-brain stimulator is giving some patients a new start, but when it comes to brain-altering technology, how much control is too much?
By Sarah Scoles

Not Fade Away
An indigenous Amazonian tribe stands strong, despite the forces that have despoiled their homeland.
Photographs by Bear Guerra; Text by Michael Cepek

The Pork Chopper
A Texas-style response to the country’s feral pig epidemic involves tourists with assault weapons shooting pigs from the sky.
By Ariel Ramchandani; Photography by Benjamin Rasmussen

Meet the Women Who Are Saving the Planet
From Swaziland to Sri Lanka, women share a similar set of climate challenges — and hold the key to solving them.
By Kate Wheeling & Ted Scheinman


Letter From the Editor: Our Commitment to Readers
By Nicholas Jackson

Seven Things You Would Have Learned If You Had Been Reading Recently

The Conversation

Since We Last Spoke: Cruise Over Troubled Waters
By Kate Wheeling

Since We Last Spoke: Texas Gets Protection
By Steffanee Wang

(Photo: The Vorhees)

(Photo: The Vorhees)

Since We Last Spoke: Prison Break

By Francie Diep

The Small Stuff: There’s a Name for That Partisan Signaling
By Peter C. Baker

The Small Stuff: Quick Study: Trade, Tariffs, and Tooth Decay
By Tom Jacobs

The Small Stuff: Research Gone Wild: Mindless Mindfulness
By Ed Cara

The Small Stuff: Quick Study: Politics and the Gender Pay Gap
By Tom Jacobs

The Small Stuff: Overheard

Know It All: The Reluctant Activist’s Guide to Protest
These days, if you’re feeling like turning your anger into action, you’re hardly alone. Here’s what history has to teach you.
By Michael Fitzgerald


Gideon’s Promise
By Tony Rehagen

Bakhmut, Ukraine
Photography by Anastasia Vlasova

By Josh Freedman

Long Beach, California
Photography by Justin Fantl

Watford City, North Dakota
Photography by Bryan Denton

Touring a Fractured State
By Adam Skolnick


How to Free Personal Genetics
Consumer genetic tests like 23andMe aren’t medical devices, and the FDA shouldn’t regulate them like blood-sugar meters or pregnancy tests.
By Michael White

Sidebar: Consumer Product or Medical Device?
The FDA is one of the most powerful consumer-protection agencies in the U.S., but it doesn’t monitor every new product.
By Michael White

Seed Librarians at the Front Lines
How seed libraries are fighting against agricultural giants to increase genetic diversity in our crops and build a more resilient food supply. 
By Mark Schapiro


Culture Feature: Once Upon a Time in Oakland
In the mid-20th century, Westerns on the page and screen virtually erased America’s significant black cowboy population. Today’s black cowboy’s are aiming to set the historical record straight — and teach a younger generation to ride.
By Alissa Greenberg


Scenes: An Equal Music

India’s first transgender band gets down to work.
By Prathap Nair

Pacific Standard Picks: Bill Nye Saves the World
By Kristina Kutateli

Scenes: Dating the Petroglyphs of the Mongolian Altai
The history of man and climate, written into the bedrock of Mongolia.
By Kevin Stark

Guest Programmer: Kelly Sue DeConnick
As Told to Katie Kilkenny

Shelf Help: At the Broken Places: A Mother and Trans Son Pick Up the Pieces
By Mary Collins & Donald Collins

Book Reviews: Decolonizing Black America
In his latest book, Chris Hayes tries various conciliatory tactics to encourage white Americans to take black suffering seriously.
By Peter C. Baker

Shelf Help: Midnight in America: Darkness, Sleep, and Dreams During the Civil War
By Peter C. Baker

One Last Thing: The Bird-Saving Collar
By Peter Andrey Smith; Photography by Julia Christe