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Photos of a Changing World: The Victims of Pakistan’s Historic 2010 Floods

An ongoing collaboration between Pacific Standard and NOOR Images.


Floods in Khyber Pakhtunwa, Pakistan, 2010 (Photo: Alixandra Fazzina)

Following Pakistan’s worst-ever floods, a young girl wrapped in a red shawl stands next to a sodden purda stitched from rice sacks and bedsheets as cold mists hang over a sprawling camp for internally displaced persons in the hills above Esara, Pakistan. Facing a bitter winter, displaced families in camps across Pakistan represent the poorest, most vulnerable of society, who lost everything when their rented homes were destroyed—and who now have nowhere else to go.

During the first week of COP22, Pacific Standard is partnering with NOOR Images, the Netherlands-based photography collective. Check back here for more photographs throughout the week, and visit Pacific Standard’sInstagram account, where we’re publishing two special photos each day from NOOR.