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Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Grizzlies can soon be hunted in Yellowstone, Trump can't block you on Twitter, and a young arsonist gets what he had coming.

This week, we brought you stories on the potential impact of barring federal funding to clinics that provide abortions, environmentalists versus Napa's wine industry, and a pastor living a double life. Here are a few other stories we've been watching.

Wyoming Is Bringing Back Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunts

Following a vote by the Wyoming Fish and Game Commission, it will be legal this fall for hunters to kill up to 22 grizzly bears east of Yellowstone National Park, National Geographic reports. This is the first time such a sport hunt has been allowed in over four decades. Previously listed as an endangered species, the recovery of the grizzly bear population was a major success story for conservationists. According to the National Park Service, the population of grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem was 690 bears in 2016, up from a low of 136 when they were listed as endangered in 1975.

A Federal Judge Ruled President Donald Trump's Blocking of People on Twitter Is Unconstitutional

On Wednesday, Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald found that the president's Twitter feed is a public forum, and therefore blocking users violates the First Amendment, the New York Times reports. One of the plaintiffs wrote about the lawsuit for Pacific Standard last year.

The Teen Who Started a Fire in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge Has Been Ordered to Pay $36 Million

The teenager who threw fireworks in Eagle Creek Canyon last September now faces a startling punishment, the Oregonian reports. Though the 15-year-old's lawyer balked at the sum, the judge wrote in his opinion that the figure is "clearly proportionate to the offense," citing the financial damages caused by the fire. The bulk of the funds will go to the United States Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Transportation. Maybe the traumatized teen has learned something about what happens when you play with fire.