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Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

Californians are arrested on Charlottesville-related charges, Missouri is down to one abortion clinic, and researchers may have found a far-off moon.

This week at Pacific Standard, we brought you stories about what happens to taxpayer money when scientists are accused of wrongdoing, how family separation led border officials to break the law, and how an exodus from Flint could worsen the Michigan city's infrastructure troubles.

But we're keeping an eye on a wide range of other stories too. Here are a few more we've been watching this week.

Alleged White Supremacists From California Were Arrested in Relation to Last Year's Charlottesville Rally

The four men arrested Tuesday were accused of going to Charlottesville with the intent of starting a riot and engaging in violence at the far-right rally, the Los Angeles Times reports. All four are members of a small Southern California-based white supremacist group known as the Rise Above Movement. The men had allegedly trained in boxing and other kinds of fighting, and came to the rally ready to fight, according to the affidavit, with their fists taped. "Rise Above Movement is essentially a white supremacist organization that operates like an alt-right fight club," Joanna Mendelson of the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism told the Times. "They romanticize themselves as these foot soldiers to fend off against the elements that threaten their white existence."

Missouri Only Has One Abortion Clinic Left

The state had two clinics that provided abortion services, but as of Wednesday, one of the two was no longer able to do so, according to the Kansas City Star. Last month, a judge ruled that doctors, in order to perform abortions, must be licensed at nearby hospitals, and the new requirements took effect this week. A Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia, Missouri, was unable to meet the new restrictions after its abortion license expired on Tuesday, forcing the clinic to cancel abortion services. Planned Parenthood's attorneys had requested an exemption from the new restrictions, but it has not been granted.

Astronomers May Have Found a Moon Beyond Our Solar System

In case you're tired of the news here on Earth, here's a development from 8,000 light-years away: Two researchers this week shared evidence of a what could be the first finding of an exomoon—that is, a moon outside of our solar system. The maybe-moon is as big as Neptune, the Associated Press reports, and orbits a Jupiter-sized planet. But the researchers remain cautious, noting that more evidence is needed. "We're not cracking open Champagne bottles just yet on this one," Alex Teachey of Columbia University told the AP.