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Supreme Court Postpones Hearing on Trump's Permanent Travel Ban

The Supreme Court on Monday postponed a hearing on President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban, following the White House's issue Sunday night of a revised ban.

The Supreme Court had been preparing to hear arguments for and against the White House's latest temporary travel ban against six predominantly Muslim countries. But then, on Sunday, the ban expired, and Trump issued a permanent policy on travel that forbids most citizens of Libya, Chad, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Iran, and North Korea from visiting the United States. In response, the Supreme Court has changed course, asking lawyers to submit briefs on the new policy, the New York Times reports.

The nation's highest court wants to hear whether the permanent policy renders questions about the older ban moot, leaving open the possibility the court will never hear that case. Meanwhile, lawyers who brought cases against the old travel ban told the Times they would challenge the new presidential proclamation too.