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Donald Trump Has Been Leaning to the Right for Longer Than You May Have Realized

His push toward right-wing extremism didn't begin with the election.
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When did Donald Trump become, you know, Donald Trump?

There's been much discussion over Trump's shift to the ideological right, with both Democrats and Republicans asserting that Trump's political views are more a result of his opportunism than they are his conviction.

According to new information compiled by political data and crowdfunding site Crowdpac, however, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Since 2011, when Trump first began questioning President Barack Obama's eligibility to be president (read: insinuating Obama wasn't a United States' citizen), he's been donating more money to conservative candidates, and less to liberal ones.

(Graph: Crowdpac)

(Graph: Crowdpac)

This is, in some ways, just as horrifying as the many incendiary comments Trump has made this election cycle: It means he might not be bluffing so much after all.