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Trump to Announce DACA Decision on Tuesday

President Donald Trump will announce his decision on the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on Tuesday.

Despite the president's hard-line stance on immigration, he has wavered on the future of DACA in the past, calling it a "very, very hard" decision. "We love Dreamers," Trump told reporters on Friday. Trump has received pressure from the attorneys general of 10 conservative states to end the program by September 5th, or face a legal challenge.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan urged Trump on Friday not to cancel the program, which has benefited nearly 800,000 people since it began in 2012. Recent research has also shown that the children of DACA participants, many of whom are United States citizens, are less likely to develop mental illnesses such as anxiety or adjustment disorders than the children of undocumented immigrants who are not protected from deportation by the program.