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Trump vs. Clinton: Will Clinton’s Poor Email Choices Lower Her Competency Ratings?


(Photo: iStockPhoto; Wikimedia Commons; Taylor Le/Pacific Standard)

Donald Trump has just gone after Hillary Clinton over her infamous emails. While the email scandal won’t do anything to help her low likability ratings, they could damage her credibility as a competent candidate. As Elena Gooraywrote for Pacific Standard:

Researchers have found that snap, appearance-based judgments about a candidate’s competence predicted election results at a significantly higher rate than chance, TheNew Yorker reported. The same did not hold true for judgments of a candidate’s likability or trustworthiness. …

So it’s noteworthy that FBI Director James Comey’s strongest criticisms of Clinton’s email activity suggest sloppiness and lapses in judgment — that the Department of State under Clinton’s leadership played fast and loose with classified information compared to other government departments.

Of course, with the horrific week Trump’s had, Clinton may find some extra room for forgiveness.