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Unable to Hold Migrant Families Indefinitely, the Trump Administration Turns to Ankle Monitors

The Trump administration said on Tuesday that it will release reunited migrant families with ankle bracelet monitoring, backing off from efforts to detain them indefinitely, the Los Angeles Times reports.

This news comes one day after a federal judge in Los Angeles rejected the Trump administration's push to modify an agreement that says migrant children cannot be detained at the border for more than 20 days. Also on Monday, the Trump administration said it would only be able to reunite half of the migrant children under age five with their families by Tuesday's deadline, as ordered by a federal judge last month.

As of mid-morning Tuesday, only four such children out of a total of 102 had been reunited with their parents, the Times reports.

After reunification, these children will be "released and enrolled into an alternative detention program, meaning that they will be placed on an ankle bracelet and released into the community," Matthew Albence, the executive associate director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement's enforcement and removal operations, told the Times.