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Dispatches: Introducing Our Short-Form News Editor

News and notes from Pacific Standard staff and contributors.
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Recently, our editorial leadership decided to expand and deepen our coverage of timely news events. In order to accomplish this goal, we needed to bring on a new staffer whose primary focus would be to further develop our news offerings. Here, that staffer, Rebecca Worby, outlines her vision for the future of short-form news coverage at Pacific Standard.

Here at Pacific Standard, we pride ourselves on producing thoughtful coverage of society's biggest problems, and that takes time. But when big news breaks in our areas of coverage, we want to inform and provide perspective on the events that are shaping our times—and that's where I come in. As the new short-form news editor, it is my job to oversee and expand our short-form Web coverage. We've been covering timely news stories in the past—in various ways—but I'm working with our team of staff writers and contributors to expand and deepen our coverage of new developments and updates on key issues like criminal justice reform, workers' rights, and climate change.

So what does that look like? Sometimes it's one of the quick news posts that we've done with increasing frequency over the past few months, or perhaps it involves having a conversation with an expert on foreign policy, Medicaid, or net neutrality. Other times we will highlight key facts, collect reactions, or break down the findings of a new study. We're also continuing to experiment with photo essays to add color and context to complicated news stories.

In the months ahead, our Web team will continue to work and dream up new, varied, and interesting ways to bring Pacific Standard's public-interest mission to the news conversation. We know you'll keep coming to our website for our great features, but I'm hoping will become one of your go-to stops for news that matters too.

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