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PS Picks: The Witchy Charms of Erykah Badu in David Marchese's 'New York' Magazine Interview

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Erykah Badu.

Erykah Badu.

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Yes, Erykah Badu told New York magazine some wild, regrettable stuff about Hitler. She can insist all she wants that she never means to hurt anyone, but Badu—artist, legend, purported witch—at least loves to provoke. And it makes her one hell of an interview. She and reporter David Marchese are personal and generous with each other whether talking sociology or songwriting or doulas. Badu shouldn't be hired to give a history lecture any time soon, and we shouldn't want her to. She's better just as she is—an imperfect firecracker. Give this one a read, preferably over some hot, witchy green tea.