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Burgh Diaspora


Mapping Yesterday's Economic Geography, Today

The economy we measure isn't the economy we have.


Seattle Is the Next Detroit

Henry Ford and Detroit radically changed the economic geography of the world. Now, Jeff Bezos and Seattle are poised to do the same.


Los Angeles Is What New York Wants to Be When It Grows Up

If New York City is your adolescent self, then Los Angeles is what you aspire to.


Lock-Out From Prosperity

California is a fortress of gentrification.


Sociolinguistics and the Geography of Innovation

The decline of the Southern drawl maps the diffusion of knowledge production in the United States.


Goldilocks and the Geography of Innovation

A sweet spot in the Technology Readiness Level attracts private industry.


How Defining a Metropolitan Statistical Area Promotes Poverty

A metro only exists for those who can afford to commute.


Higher Education Is Dying

Wage convergence is hitting many industries, including higher education as well as oil and gas.


The Geography of 'Displacement'

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


When Generation Rent Becomes Generation Buy

Regions where Millennials are renting don't look like where they will buy homes.


What the Rust Belt Can Teach Us About White Flight, Gentrification, and Brain Drain

With a focus on why people leave, we ignore at least half of the migration story.


Migrant or Refugee?

The ontology of refugee is the problem, not the solution.


The Geographic Scale of Globalization Isn't Global

Nations—and even cities—don't globalize. Globalization spreads block by block.


The Second Machine Age Is Dying

Get ready for an unprecedented economic boom in the United States.


The Economic Geography of the Second Machine Age

In 2006, the digital economy underwent a dramatic transformation that changed the map of talent migration.


Ezra Klein Is Transforming Education

Journalists have replaced teachers as the curators of expertise.


Why Top Talent Must Flee Silicon Valley

In order for tech workers to cash out on home equity, Proposition 13 forces them to move to another state.


Exploiting Puerto Rico's Fuzzy Sovereignty

With the homeland as neither nation nor state, Puerto Ricans twist in the wind of political whimsy.


Atlanta's Talent Attraction Problem

From 2000–2013, Atlanta has fallen further behind other large metros in growing its population of college-educated young adults.


How Can Rust Belt Cities Attract More Immigrants?

Communities might roll out the red carpet for the foreign-born, but the more welcoming disposition doesn't do the trick.


Re-Location Is an Entrepreneurial Act

Out of necessity, old habits die easily for migrants.


Economic Growth in an Era of Demographic Decline

A shrinking population isn't the end of economic expansion.