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How Do You Make A Living?

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How Do You Make a Living, Video Therapist?

Noah Davis talks to Vanessa Marin about writing as branding and why her model works.


How Do You Make a Living, Bartender?

Noah Davis talks to bartender Nicholas Bennett about cocktail culture, starting a bar of his own, and the expenses associated with operating in New York City.


How Do You Make a Living, Mid-Career Artist?

Noah Davis talks to Hank Willis Thomas about the value of an MFA, the problems and advantages of living in New York as an artist, and what banking and art have in common.


How Do You Make a Living, Entrepreneur?

Noah Davis talks to Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake about skipping class, the value of a liberal arts education, and the most difficult language to learn.


How Do You Make a Living, 'Magic' Player?

Noah Davis talks to Michael Sigrist about building a business, building a brand, and, of course, his cards.

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How Do You Make a Living, Surfboard Maker?

Noah Davis talks to surfboard shaper Drew Mason about turning a passion into a business, cultivating relationships with surf shops, and the benefits of branding.


How Do You Make a Living, Visiting Professor?

Former adjunct Monica Brannon talks to Noah Davis about low pay, the difficulties of finishing a dissertation, and why she didn't just get a job in a restaurant.


How Do You Make a Living, Book Podcaster?

Noah Davis talks to Angela Ledgerwood about the economics of running "Lit Up," a podcast about books and the literary world.


How Do You Make a Living, Travel Journalist?

Nell McShane Wulfhart talks to Noah Davis about the value of being where other writers are not, paying her own expenses, and how Gangnam Style helped launch her career.

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How Do You Make a Living, Comic Book Illustrator?

Noah Davis talks to illustrator Neil Googe about how payment works in the comic book world, why commissions aren't the answer, and how a vacation to Thailand turned into a life there.

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How Do You Make a Living, Documentary Filmmaker?

Calvan Fowler talks about the power of naps, the benefits of being too busy, and what his former boss Spike Lee taught him about money.


How Do You Make a Living, Freddie deBoer?

Noah Davis talks to Freddie deBoer about making a living in the world of academia, why grad school worked for him (but probably not for you), and why you should get a job before you start writing about politics.

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How Do You Make a Living, Freelance Food Stylist?

Heather Meldrom talks to Pacific Standard about the difference between plating for customers and plating for the page, out-of-season food, and her restaurant days.

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How Do You Make a Living, Bestselling Ghostwriter?

Noah Davis talks to successful ghostwriter Andrew Crofts about how he got started, recent shifts in the publishing industry, and why he prefers to take on projects he knows nothing about.

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How Do You Make a Living, Session Guitarist?

Noah Davis talks to Ron Zabrocki about how the music business has changed, why he writes for Guitar World, and the value of saying no.


How Do You Make a Living, Paleoartist?

Francie Diep talks to Jennifer Hall about illustrating animals that have been dead for a very, very long time.


How Do You Make a Living, CEO Ghostwriter?

Business book ghostwriter Derek Lewis talks about his unusual path to the unusual profession, his working relationship with clients, and his novelist aspirations.

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How Do You Make a Living, Ski Gear Lender?

Noah Davis talks to Forrest Shinners about Kit Lender, a service that provides ski apparel on an as-needed basis.


How Do You Make a Living, Producer of Experiential Weirdness?

Noah Davis talks to Michael Cirino about his wild culinary events, his rich clients, and his move away from art.


How Do You Make a Living, Freelance Investigative Reporter?

Noah Davis talks to Scott Carney about the difficulty of making a living as a freelance journalist, the art of negotiation, and the evil of Condé Nast.


How Do You Make a Living, Art Curator?

Kristin Sancken talks to Noah Davis about the difficulties of being friends with artists, making money at the curation game, and why shameless is the new humble.


How Do You Make a Living, Mallory Ortberg?

Noah Davis talked to the Toast co-founder about the site’s success, negotiating a raise, and her future position as a "benevolent wizard."


How Do You Make a Living, Auctioneer?

Noah Davis talks to CK Swett, a rising star in the auctioneering world, about the secret to raising millions of dollars, how he lands his gigs, and why auctioneering is a young man's game.


How Do You Make a Living, Taxidermist?

Taxidermist Katie Innamorato talks to Noah Davis about learning her craft, seeing it become trendy, and the going-rate for a "Moss Fox."