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No One's Watching Week


Welcome to No One’s Watching Week, the time of the year when the readers are away, and your tireless editors have run amok. For this week only, Atlas Obscura, the New Republic, Popular Mechanics, Pacific Standard, the Paris Review, and Mental Floss will be swapping content that is too ​out there​ for any other week in 2015.


Unlocking the Secrets of Paranoid Thinking

Cannabis use can cause a signal miscommunication in the brain, which is similar to what might happen in mental illness.

writers' foes

A Taxonomy of Writers’ Foes

They say that naming your fears makes them less scary. Here's a thorough categorization of universal writerly anxieties that everyone feels always and not just me.


Paddling Out With a Diaper in Tow

A frustrating, but ultimately fulfilling, father-daughter surf adventure in El Salvador.


This Is a Disaster

Are we entering a new golden age for man vs. nature movies?


Come All Ye Failures

Though we wake in fear of mediocrity, let us cease to be crippled by it.


That Time the Philippines Skipped a Day

And it took decades for the rest of the world to notice.


The Quietly Dangerous Suburban Church

How three architects in the 1950s tried to meld religion, modernism, and suburbia.


My Adventures in Soviet Cuisine

Getting hold of food during the Soviet era required patience, ingenuity, and luck.


In Memoriam: The Great Townes Van Zandt

How the songwriter's classic Pancho & Lefty mirrors his own tragic life.


That Time I Took a 'Baby Deadline' Test

I sought an answer in science, when the real answer was a foregone conclusion.

cowboys mommies christmas

'Cowboys Don't Have Mommies'

An interview with my mother about the meanest thing I've ever said to her.


'There's Peace of Mind Out Here'

In the small coastal town of Mendocino, California, inmates spend hours picking grapes under the sun—and many welcome the break from jail.


A Different Side of Greece

Loving—and fearing the loss of—the Greece of my youth.


The Radical History of 1960s Adult Coloring Books

These subversive coloring books ridiculed pill-popping executives, hipsters, communist-hunters, and conspiracy theorists.


My Summer at the Junk Food Mill

Working at the cookie factory still stands as the worst job in a long line of worst jobs.

fictional american presidents psmag

America’s Most Electable Fictional Presidents

Tired of these petty, increasingly irrelevant real-life candidates? Here is a deep and methodical analysis of our fictional presidents, and whether America deserves them.

furthur bus kesey pranksters psmag

The Internet Is the Grateful Dead

Being a Deadhead used to mean attending the shows. Increasingly, it means you’re participating in a culture of sharing and foraging that began in the 1960s and anticipated almost everything we now take for granted on the Web.