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The Crooked Valley

uber class action suit

Uber’s Defense in California Driver Class-Action Lawsuit

The company kind of has a point—we do need better labor laws. Just not the ones Silicon Valley is promoting.


Facebook Wants to Redline Your Friends List

The company recently filed a patent on using social network data to influence lending decisions. God help us all.


The Pointlessness of M-City

Why test cars on fake roads when they'll need to operate on real ones?


There's No Such Thing as 'The Gig Economy'

This isn’t a matter of technology—a service economy by another name is still a service economy.


Five of the Silliest Ideas About the Near-Future of Work

The way we work is changing, but not quickly enough for the boosters peddling these ideas.

google city

Google Is Planning to Plan Your City

The company has more practice than you might expect.


No, You Don’t Have Free Speech Online

We treat platforms like they are public utilities. They’re not—but maybe they could be.


Silicon Valley’s Extremely Expensive Bunk Beds

The secondary housing market in the Bay Area is blowing up, but collective living isn’t always “sharing.”

PSmag - art.jpg

Silicon Valley Is the Best and Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Art

When tech workers are considered the true “creative class,” artists don’t appear to win.


Why San Francisco Needs Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has opened a new campaign office in a San Francisco tech incubator. He—and his philosophies on unregulated markets—will fit right in.


Tech TV: Silicon Valley vs. 'Silicon Valley'

Media depictions of tech are rubbing some viewers the wrong way—but the entertainment industry is not the real problem.


Tech Companies Want to Replace Payday Loan Shops

High-interest loans are predatory whether you get them at a corner store or in an app.


When Crowdfunding Sites Host Killer Cop Campaigns

Platforms that bill themselves as revolutionary are learning what that really means.


Facebook Would Like a Monopoly on Your Entire Life

What do we stand to lose when we gain big convenient platforms?


The Folly of the Unicorns

Venture capital’s money and myths are producing more bloat than good.


Ellen Pao Might Not Win, and That’s OK

Regardless of the legal outcome, her lawsuit against a venerable venture capital firm stands to change the way Silicon Valley is perceived both inside and out.


The Persistence of the Office

More workers are telecommuting than ever before, but tech is clinging to the campus life that made it so homogenous.