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The Future of Work and Workers


What worries you most—and/or excites you most—about the future of work and workers? Put another way: What will be the most consequential changes in the world of work and workers, and what anxieties and possibilities will they produce?

With support from The Rockefeller FoundationThe Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University asked this of business and union leaders, social scientists, technology visionaries, activists, and journalists around the world. The project, in collaboration with Pacific Standard, is called "The Future of Work and Workers."


Beginning on August 3 and continuing for several months, we’ll be publishing new columns each weekday and collecting them all here. The project will continue into our November/December 2015 print issue, with original reported essays and features published alongside excerpts from the best and most thought-provoking work that appears here first. Bookmark, come back daily for new contributions to the series, and add your own thoughts and reactions using the commenting system that appears at the bottom of each column.