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The Gender Gap


Compared to Men, Women Bear Six Times More of the Cost of Alzheimer’s Disease

We’ve been slow to mobilize against the growing Alzheimer’s epidemic. Perhaps that’s because women are shouldering most of the burden.


How America’s Lack of Paid Maternity Leave Worsens Inequality

Without access to paid maternity leave, many low-income mothers are forced to choose between their economic security and their health.


Poor Women in the United States Don’t Have Abortion Rights

For decades, the ban on using Medicaid dollars to pay for abortions has kept many poor women from being able to end their pregnancies. Finally, some pro-choice lawmakers are trying to change that—or at least show how unjust the status quo is.


Television News Covers Women’s Sports Less Today Than It Did 25 Years Ago

More women are playing sports and more people are watching them do so than ever before (just look at audience figures for this year's Women's World Cup), but you wouldn’t know it from the “mediated man cave” that is American sports media.


In the United States, Single Motherhood Is Bad for Your Health

As privileged women increasingly embrace their “inner spinster,” a new study offers a timely reminder that single motherhood still comes with serious, material disadvantages for most women in this country.


Men Want Sweet Wives and Independent Daughters

These desires reflect the real tensions in our incomplete gender revolution, in which changes in the domestic sphere have lagged behind the progress made toward equality in the public one.


The Hidden Sexism Lurking Behind the Pay Gap

Let’s stop arguing about how much of the pay gap is due to women’s “choices.” Those choices are often products of sexism hidden from view.


The Fantastical Flaws of Arizona’s New 'Reverse' Abortion Law

A new law that forces doctors to give their patients misinformation about an untested procedure is just the latest example of how anti-choice restrictions undermine evidence-based medical care. It’s long past time to stop taking abortion opponents’ hypocritical claims of concern for “patient safety” seriously.


Is Medicine's Gender Bias Killing Young Women?

A recent study suggests younger women who have heart attacks may hesitate to get help because they’re afraid of being labeled hypochondriacs. But the bigger problem is just how justified that fear really is.