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The Science Of Relationships


Why Is Scaring People So Much Fun?

There's ample research on fear, but not much on why people enjoy inducing it. It could be power, group-bonding, or "everyday sadism."


It’s OK to Hate Being Single

High-achieving women are told to be proud of what they’ve accomplished. But professional triumphs don’t fill emotional holes.


The Baby Boomer Babysitter’s Club

If Boomers shift from executive jobs to caregiving, will Millennials get their baby boom?


'Vanity Fair' Doesn’t Understand What's Going on With Dating or Tinder

Economic forces, rather than technological ones, are changing the way young people pursue relationships.


Men Need Friends

Male friendships often center on groups and activities. But without strong one-on-one ties, men are more likely to feel isolated when romantic partnerships fail or don't happen at all.


How Men’s Emotions Are Preventing Gender Equality at Work

Even men ostensibly committed to gender equality in the workplace often feel threatened by female bosses and act accordingly, according to the latest research.


Don't Dismiss the Teens

The adults so fond of dismissing difficult teens might miss the irony that this is a distrusting and non-collaborative approach to their development.


When the Press Puts Private Decisions About Pregnancy and Parenting Up for Public Debate, Women Lose

Reporters should go easy on the sanctimony and fear mongering as they frame articles on pregnancy and childrearing.


Why Most Men Think They're Over-Working as Parents When, Quantitatively, This Isn't True

Men constantly over-estimate their performance in the areas of household work and childcare (and just about everything else too) because society congratulates them for doing these things at all.


When Online Friendships Are More Honest Than Offline Ones

When we are suffering, sometimes the best friends and the most confessional discussions can be found online.


Sex Workers Don't Owe You Any Answers

It is not the job of sex workers to do pro bono work un-paralyzing society’s hang-ups about sex, commerce, and the space where the two meet.


We Should Use Brands, Not Love Them

Your faceless microwave food corporation doesn't love you back.


Your Imaginary Relationship With a Celebrity

In a highly connected era where fans can easily and directly interact with famous people online, long-standing parasocial relationships have intensified and become increasingly complex to navigate.


Transforming White People Is Not the Job of Minority Students

It is time for universities to acknowledge their students of color as more than potential learning tools and diversity statistics for white students and brochures to brag about.


Porn Is Not Coming for Our Sex Lives

Recent research suggests that porn is hardly the life-ruining, woman-hating, healthy-sex-murdering specter we’ve been warned about for so long.